Being from Texas, we gotta keep in touch with our roots.
We’re surrounded by hunting lands, pastures, rivers and
lakes. Inspired by our personal love for hunting, farming,
ranching, and fishing we want to promote this lifestyle with
a funky vibe like no other brand. Let’s just say we strive to
show peace and love for all things outdoors!

More specifically, we’re from a Southeast part of
Texas where we have access to coastal waters from,
Corpus Christi, Rockport, Port Aransas, Matagorda,
Freeport, Surfside, Galveston, and many more notable
beach and bay areas. It’s impossible to ignore the fact
that there are some pretty amazing things here and
naturally, if you’re like us, you might be a tad “country”,
but also a little free spirited “beach bum”, and that is
quite okay! You’ll fit right in!

Y’all, no matter what your vibe might be, just be
YOU and be true to yourself. We built
this brand on vibrant colors and funky creativity because guess
what? That’s who we are and we kinda like it! No judgement,
no hate, no negativity. Good vibes only!

Co-founder, Blaine Bosenbury is a Navy veteran. He
served 4 years as a rescue swimmer. With his passion
for the country and having spent much of his time at sea,
he, and Sarah Bosenbury (Founder) created Barn Shark
with intentions of promoting environmental awareness
and charitable causes. Check out the Shark Bites
tab for news on organizations you can support to keep
country lands and coastal waters safe and clean!