Elijah Rising - Goods that Empower

Elijah Rising - Goods that Empower

Have you heard of Elijah Rising?

Neither had I until I stopped in a shop that carried their candles.

First off, the scents of ALL of their candles are completely amazing!

I was also drawn to their name because my youngest son's middle name is Elijah and I love the meaning behind this name, "My God is Yahweh".

As I picked up their candles and read "Goods That Empower" on the label, I was immediately curious as to what they stood for and felt like I needed to know so much more! 

Elijah Rising's mission is to fight against sex trafficking right here in Houston, TX! 100% of every purchase empowers survivors of sex trafficking. They have worked super hard to provide care and employment opportunities for adult survivors of sex trafficking who want to rebuild their lives. 

In short, I knew I had to be a part of this movement. I am honored to announce that I have partnered with Elijah Rising in bringing sex trafficking to an end! They have done an outstanding job at providing a simple way to make an impact in our community. When you purchase their candles, you are an immediate advocate in ending this awful exploitation of so many women and allowing them to start a new life. 

I will be carrying one of their most popular Texas scent "Cactus Flower" and naturally, "Ocean Mist" to align with our beach loving culture here at Barn Shark Supply Co. (available Monday July 13th) 

All candles are made in Texas, ethically sourced, hand-poured soy wax, and empower women! Help us join the fight! 

For more info on their cause if you'd like to volunteer, donate, or join prayer meetings check out their site here: 






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