Hey guys! Sarah here! I am the founder of Barn Shark Supply Co.

Some of you reading this might know me personally, some of you may not, either way, I cannot wait to get to know you and connect with you through our brand! This has been such a big vision for such a long time and I am beyond blessed to able to do this!

So, let’s start with some basics on how this all began.

I was born and raised in Rosenberg, TX. That’s right – “the Berg”, just south of the great city of Houston (only locals would understand). Although this is where my day to day life took place, a core component of my upbringing was life at the beach. My grandfather, Tony Lopez, a successful business man and complete legend, worked hard to make a name for himself back in the day. He is who introduced my family to the coastal way of life and it became something I simply could not live without. He was the first Hispanic to build a home in Treasure Island, San Luis Pass. He’ll tell you that story all day long too. It was not an easy road for him but through hard work and dedication, he made it possible to give his family a glimpse of a different type of life by the sea. It was here that I found a sense of belonging, where I built my fashion inspiration, where my taste in music was formed, and where I knew I would someday have a future for my family.

My husband, Blaine was born in McKinney, TX, outside of the big city of Dallas. He grew up fishing lakes, digging for crawdads, playing football, and riding motocross. He even had a job caring for horses on a ranch in his younger years. He was your all around out-doorsy kinda guy and has always had a passion for farming and agriculture. He served in the U.S. Navy for four years and moved to the Houston area shortly after he was honorably discharged. It was then that he began to understand the outdoor way of life in Southeast Texas. The great gulf coast, the endless hunting, fishing, saltwater fishing, and kayaking. This might as well be heaven as far as he was concerned, and heaven it was after he met me! (wink wink)

When we met it was like two separate worlds had just combined into one. As we learned each other's interests we came to one conclusion – we would teach our kids all the things we love about the outdoors and how important it is to enjoy the unexplained wonders of the world. Now we have two young boys, Jackson (10) and Wesson (5). Naturally, they both love the beach, fishing, and crabbing. Jackson shot his first deer last year, and we couldn’t be more excited to see them show interest in all the things we can enjoy together as a family.

Now, here we are in a time of crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic, holding it together more than ever. We wanted to put all of our ideas together as a family and push forward coming out of this stronger than before. We thought up the name Barn Shark a long time ago. We sat on it for awhile holding it all in secrecy as we contemplated. Created a business plan. Changed the name. Triple checked our finances. Changed the name again. Quadruple checked our finances. Then, decided, why the hell not. Let’s do it.

So, greetings from your Barn Shark Tribe (Sarah, Blaine, Jackson, and Wesson). We are real people, running a website and a business. We appreciate feedback, and real conversations. We want to be friends with all walks of life. We are here for positive vibes and virtual hugs. Please feel free to connect with us on social media @barnsharksupplyco.

Sea you soon,



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